1474 N. Portage Path
Akron, OH 44313


Tru Barre Studio in Akron has been offering classes since 2014. This studio is always busy with full classes, our regular barre babes, and a boutique to shop before or after class. We offer classes everyday & sometimes holidays to suit everyone's needs.  Tru Barre Studio can be found nestled inside the trendy neighborhood of Merriman Valley, conveniently located in Parkwood Plaza. 


At Tru Barre Studio Akron, we offer different types of classes. Each of these classes are challenging in their own way, but fit many skill levels. Check out each description below and start booking your classes!

Mixed Barre (all levels)

This class is for all levels.  Beginners will begin to understand the technique and seasoned clients can perfect their skill set.  Any level client can attend this class and get a challenging workout.    A seasoned advanced client can take a Mixed Barre class and really make it challenging.  The cueing and pacing is slower than a Tru Barre class.  Options and modifications are given regularly to enable all clients to be successful. Clients are encouraged to work at their own level and to make the pose the priority for each exercise.  All new clients are recommended to attend a Barre Essentials Workshop within the 1st month of their package.



This class is a powerful 60-minute fast-paced total body interval workout. This class is ideal for the tru athlete. Each interval focuses on a specific muscle group using small, isometric movements to keep the muscle “turned on”. A deep, restorative stretch follows each strength segment. Increasing stamina, flexibility & strength while elongating muscles for the longer, leaner look of a dancer.  It is highly recommended that all new students attend a minimum of 20 Mixed Barre classes or seek approval to attend, before they attempt a Tru Barre class.  



The Express class is a turbo charged 45-minute total body blast.  Channel your inner athlete before you take a spot at the barre for this class.  Class moves at a faster pace and you are expected to get into your pose quickly and right to shaking!  No muscle spared - no time wasted!  


Tru Flow (All Levels)

Tru Flow is a combination of ballet inspired stretching and lengthening, vinyasa flow and yin yoga. A sequence of active and calm. The hour is divided into slower-paced flow to help link breath and movement for the first half. Followed with passive, longer holds to target joints, connective tissues, and fascia.

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Barre Essentials Workshop

The workshop is the foundation of the barre technique. This hour-long FREE workshop is ideal for anyone new to barre.  This is truly a workshop not a workout class.  All new clients are suggested to attend an Essentials Workshop within the first month of their package.  The workshop is designed to demonstrate all of the poses done in a barre class. You will learn how to make your moves small -"one inch".  Achieving good form is essential in having strong technique. The most important thing about barre is the pose or the position your body is in and the technique in how we execute the movements.

Learning the fundamentals of barre, assists the student to better understand the technique and develop their skill set to improve their own practice.  



Check out our schedule on the MindBody app or the Tru Barre Studio app found in both the Play Store & the App Store.


What to bring:

-A pair of socks or grippy socks (we have grippy socks in our boutique for purchase as well)
-Water bottle
-Wear comfortable, fitted-like attire (no shorts please)
Please come 15 min early to fill out waiver and meet your instructor

If you have a Groupon, please email us at to set it up!


FIrst class free!

Drop in
| $15 (Student ID: $10)

New Client - 1st month | $70 Unlimited Month

New Client - 2nd month | $105 Unlimited Month

New Client - 3rd month | $130 Unlimited Month

Student Package (24 years or under W/ Student ID) | $50 Unlimited Month

20 class package | $270 (No expiration)

10 Class Pass | $140 - (No expiration)

Monthly Unlimited auto renew | $135