Barre has been the greatest workout. You trim, tighten and reduce stress!  Once you start barre you won’t be able to stop. 
Tru Barre is the place to be!!!

--Lisa H.

Strong Bones

I just received the results of my recent bone density test.  
After taking a medication for 5 years to treat my early breast cancer diagnosis, I was concerned because this medication is linked to bone loss and early osteoporosis. This medication brings on early menopause. Osteoporosis and arthritis runs in my family.
But guess what! No bone loss or osteoporosis was found!  
My doctor and I were so pleased with this result and attribute it to my consistent practice at Tru Barre Studio.
I joined Tru Barre 17 months ago and practice 4-6 times per week. This weight bearing exercise along with a healthy diet has given be the bone density of a much younger woman, in spite of my medical history.
Tru Barre practice does not just help form a better body on the outside, it also builds strong bones and muscles to support them on the inside.
I just had a test that proves it!
Thank you Sue and your wonderful team of tucker instructors.
Love you,


--Jane Canary

I never loved working out before. I always thought there was nothing out there that I’d ever love or actually look forward to each day until I started attending barre. Each class is challenging and I know I’m stronger than where I was 6 months ago. The instructors are encouraging and motivating during each class, which helps on those days you really need it. I’m so glad I found a place I finally love! 💕

-- L.B.

Recently underwent a bone density test.   My doctor told me that my bones are very dense.  I said "That's pretty good for a 66 year old lady."

Doctor said "That's pretty good for a 20 year old lady."   Barre has certainly played a major role in this regard.  I thank Sue and the other instructors for the role they play in my physical and emotional well-being.

      --Anne Lederman


Hey guys,
I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done for me over the last almost three years! Sue, I absolutely loved coming to your studio and truly looked forward to class. Best decision I've made coming to Tru Barre. You ladies have changed my body and how I live. Before, during and after my pregnancy you guys kicked my butt and I so appreciate it! I am going to miss you all so so much and hope I can find a studio half as good as yours back in South Dakota! Thank you again and if you ever live stream classes I want to know about it!

--Haley Gillen

  Barre Babe, Lisa attended barre class at our studio- while pregnant,  and recently had her first (barre) baby! (Pictured at 1 month before delivery)

Barre Babe, Lisa attended barre class at our studio- while pregnant,  and recently had her first (barre) baby! (Pictured at 1 month before delivery)

Here's what Lisa had to say About taking class during her pregnancy:

"Tru Barre saved my butt…literally! I tried my first class when I was four months pregnant. When I attended the demo workshop I wasn’t sure whether I’d actually be able to do the class or not, but quickly figured out that this was the perfect remedy to take me through my entire pregnancy. 
I am driven to remaining as healthy as possible throughout the nine months (10 months really, but who’s counting…) and my commitment to a minimum of two Tru Barre classes per week ensured that I do that.
Even though my doctor said it was safe for me to jog, high impact exercise just doesn’t sound appealing, but Tru Barre helped me to maintain intensity and increase my heart rate without putting any strain on my joints.
I was surprised that using what I would consider super light weights (2 or 3 pounds) helped to chisel my arms. (I usually use 10 or 12 pounders.) Thigh exercises are my favorite. Who knew that so much could be accomplished by even less range of motion?? When I hear “take it to inches,” I know things are about to burn. 
For now, I forego abdominal exercises, but the infamous “tuck” that Barre is known for helps to strengthen not only my glutes, but abdominal and back muscles as well. I am hopeful that all this work on my pelvic floor will speed up my return to normal after delivery.
The class format repeats itself with each class so I know what to expect, and it moves at a fast pace, which I like. There is no resting or standing around. Stretching is accomplished throughout the class, not just at the end, so I leave feeling invigorated, not sore. 
I still have a few weeks to go before delivery. There’s no getting around the fact that I am just bigger all over…but so far, I have noticed that I stand up straighter; my core is stronger (even though you can’t actually see it); and under all that fluid…my arms and legs appear to have maintained some semblance of tone!
Thank you Tru Barre!! I can’t wait to try it when I’m light on my feet again!!"

How Tru Barre helped me overcome a surprising MS diagnosis & pretty much saved my life:

I was diagnosed out of the blue in 2013 with Multiple Sclerosis, a chronic degenerative disease of the nervous system.  Throughout one day, I lost all sensation from my left shoulder down to my left foot, with the numbness tingling across my chest, midsection and lower abdominal wall, along with throbbing pains in my hands & elbows.  Being an avid runner & busting out PRs monthly, the diagnosis brought quite a shock to not only my physical abilities but also my mental state.  Chronic fatigue had set in, my lung capacity weakened, heat sensitivity became unbearable & the numbness made running a bit dangerous.  I was pretty inactive for about 8 months.  When I was able to run a bit, my back would hurt, probably due to weakened core & muscles, and it never felt good after.

After about 6 months of PT to no avail, my friends insisted I try a class at Tru Barre Studio and little did I know my whole life would change that day.  It's been almost 3 years I've been attending the amazing Sue Costigan's classes (sometimes 5-6 days a week) & with a big push and a lot of confidence she had in me, I've now been instructing classes of my own for a year.  Huge goal!

Tru Barre classes improved my body, my mind, my whole being.  I dropped inches, sizes, carved muscles I never knew I had; my balance improved immensely (score!) & my energy levels skyrocketed (check ya later fatigue!); my back stopped hurting completely within 3 months of attending and is still great today; my lung capacity has gotten a little stronger & my brain is a lot less foggy (both of which I attribute to instructing those motivational 1 hour classes); my numbness has improved~~I've only had 2 clinical relapses & they were short lived!  All in all, I'm 100% stronger physically, mentally & emotionally and I thank Sue everyday for her amazing workouts.  Her work focuses on isometric movements & holds, with active stretches following every set~~lengthening & loosening those muscles that can tighten as we age.  These exercises saved me.  She saved me.  

Tru barre is not only personal training in a group atmosphere, it's a social blast!  It's time for YOU to make yourself better & stronger, however that may be.  The people are warm, inviting, non-judgemental.  Every class has women (and men) of all different shapes, sizes & ages, many suffering from auto-immune diseases, cancer, other illnesses, physical injuries, emotional suffering~~almost everyone has something going on you can't see & together we're our biggest supporters.  Hence the terms barre gang, barre besties & barre squad

We are a squad.  We are all healing.  We are all improving ourselves one day at a time.  And having a blast in the process!

I'm lucky to have found Sue and Tru Barre.  It changed my life.  Give it a chance.  It'll change yours too
💪 #msstrong #mswarrior

--Sherri R.

Tru Barre is definitely a "True Love"!!!

The classes are always upbeat and fresh each week so you do not get tired or bored of the same routine. I always feel like I am in a personal training session all by myself

as the instructors constantly motivate you and provide guidance during the class to ensure you are getting the most out of each and every session. Tru Barre has definitely changed my life and challenges me to bring my best Tuck, Burn, Shake to each class thanks to Sue and her amazing team in the valley.


--Heather Manspeaker

In March 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and paraneoplastic myositis.  The result of myositis was that my muscles, especially thigh muscles, were completely depleted of any muscle.  Pre-cancer I could easily jog 5 miles; post-cancer I could barely walk down a grocery aisle without running out of breath.  To date I’ve been cancer free for almost two years. :-)

I love barre because after about 10 months of practice, I have almost completely regained my muscle mass.  Moreover, my balance and flexibility are actually better than ever before.  Because we work out so many body parts in each class, my arms, abs, tush, etc. become more toned every week.

What I LOVE about the barre instructors is that they are like personal trainers. They push you and keep me pushing myself, but always in a safe way.  My knees and back have never hurt from doing barre; contrarily I feel less soreness in these areas.

The barre routines also keep me engaged because each week the routine is different.  Thus, I never get bored like I used to when aimlessly jogging on a treadmill.

In sum, with barre, you feel and see immediate results.  It brought me back to health, strength, and a core power that no other activity could have done. Thank you Sue, Jillian, and all my inspiring barre friends…I am so grateful.

--Andrea Woll

Dear tuck, burn and shake! I do that and more and I am hooked ! I fell in love , head over heels! Love at first shake! My body thanks you, my husband thanks you, and my quads live the strength after the burn on the ski slopes! 

I am a lifer for sure and the company I keep in class makes me laugh and love you more deeply! Thanks Barre booty burn ! Love a new hitched member!
--Karen H.

Hey, I played soccer, volleyball and basketball through my 20s. Meaning, I'm not a skilled ballerina nor the most elegant moving girl in class, but I love my barre!

My skinny jeans fit better than ever and I felt great putting on in my swimsuit and tank tops this past summer all thanks to Sue and the Tru Barre studio team. And, I feel stronger than ever! 

I have two young girls, work full time and have tons of commitments. Making it to barre is my favorite commitment to myself! And although I curse the 'tuck, burn and shake' in class... I look forward to every minute!


 [Molly S. at about 8 mos.]

[Molly S. at about 8 mos.]

Hey sue! Just wanted to let you know that baby Stover is here! He's 20" and a whopping 8lbs 7oz! He's a total chunk but I only pushed for 40min and had tons of compliments from the doctor and nurses on how strong I was! They were worried with how big he was that I wouldn't be able to deliver on my own, but it was a piece of cake! They also said that working out had gotten Julian used to fluctuating heart rates and made him ten times stronger for delivery as well!! (He's so darn strong he's already lifting his head on his own!). Thank you for keeping me so strong and healthy during my pregnancy!

--Molly S.

I have never been one for group exercises but this class has me coming back for more.  I appreciate the extra effort you put into it, such as reminding us along our workout to remain in  the right form & simply just pushing us to give our best.  Thank you!
-- Lilly

Tonight was my first class at your studio. I have been very unmotivated to start a workout program as I suffer from chronic lower back pain due to osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease. However, after one class I feel amazing!! This is the first I have done a workout that has actually made my back feel good. 

-- Stephannie Robertson

Sue + Tru Barre
Thank you- for changing my body, for pushing me past "I can't", for motivating me to be better, for showing me I've got what it takes to be fit, for believing in me. I am so grateful I found you - barre has changed my life.

--Molly L.


[OMG] I love what is happening to my body!! The shaping is amazing. In just 7 classes.
--Tricia C.

Barre, one of the hardest things I will always love! Today was kick ass!

--Karen H.

1 week post delivery and back in my pre-pregnancy jeans.

--Stephanie F.