Reversing Middle Age Fast


Mark Testa is an experienced holistic healthcare provider trained in chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition, and fasting. He uses his experience to help people regain, maintain, and accelerate their health in weeks, not months. His focus is simple, sustainable change for lasting results. Reversing middle age is possible with just a few small changes.

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6 week masterclass program

In this 6-week Masterclass we will eliminate all the confusion around diet and nutrition. You will gain the understanding of why counting calories, low fat and fad diets don’t work and are actually making you worse. You will learn how to eat in a way that is sustainable and creates long term health benefits. You will become aligned with your ancestral biology and understand the role food plays in your overall health.

  • Lose weight, improve your body composition & gain confidence

  • Increase energy & improve performance

  • Recycle old cells & reverse effects of middle age

  • Look good, feel good, have better sex

  • Change your life FOR GOOD!


You Will Receive:

6 weekly, 1-hr Zoom calls, all recorded so you won’t miss a thing.
We'll cover the 4 pillars of Reversing Middle Age and More:

  • When to eat - align with your biology and millions of years of results

  • Mindfulness and Journaling - becoming present in the moment and understanding barriers and confusion with writing

  • What to eat - eliminate the confusion of what to eat, there is no one diet

  • How to eat - a strategy of diet variation to keep the body & hormones working optimally

  • When to exercise - get the most of your efforts

  • Sleep - getting good sleep with simple changes & introducing a fasting challenge

  • Bonus week with Amanda Testa - Maintaining your sexual vitality and feminine fire


Also included:

I'll also share a journaling program to help maintain your mindset now and for the rest of your life.
Free private facebook group for sharing, support, Q&A, & community meal & shopping ideas.
Free fasting documentary by Doug Orchard
Free longevity diet book by Valtar Longo, PhD
Access to Mark Testa via Messenger during normal business hours


After you purchase the package, go to ‘ENROLLMENTS’ to reserve your spot in the class. This is a 2-step process.

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