Tru Barre vs Mixed Barre

To Tru or Not to Tru:  Have you tried a Tru Class yet?

We offer 2 different workouts at Tru Barre Studio: Mixed and Tru Barre.  Our Mixed Barre class allows any level student to get a powerful barre workout. In a Mixed Barre class you will begin to understand the poses and exercises done in our workout. Our Tru Barre class is better suited for the advanced client.  

We encourage new clients to begin with the Mixed Barre Class.  There, they will learn the basic principles of Barre. There is an added attention to alignment and the use of modifications, so even the first time beginner can be successful. We understand new clients come to Barre at their own fitness level and this is why we encourage them to be a beginner and learn our technique.

We suggest taking class 3-4 times per week.  Clients will be building their strength and learning the technique to make their practice even better, becoming more familiar with their strengths and weaknesses.  As a client continues with their Barre practice, they begin to understand the poses and how the exercises will affect their body.  They learn that the work is really in the pose, mastering it and maintaining it.  They realize the burn and the shake are a good thing and actually the goal of every interval.  When a beginner client starts to feel those sensations, it is usually very unfamiliar, so they back down or even stop.  They also haven’t built up their strength yet to handle the load in the musculature.  We always encourage anyone in class to take breaks when they need them, then come back into the exercise recovered and able to work with more integrity in the pose.  Over time, with consistent practice, they become very strong, both mentally and physically.  And as they become stronger, they will begin to have the confidence to try the more advanced options in class and test their ability. 

There will be a mix of all client levels in a Mixed Barre class,  a client or two that is just starting their practice, a few who are advanced, and the majority of people are in between.  Our highly trained instructors will help every client get a good workout no matter what their fitness level is.  We want each client to get their best workout, one tailored for them.  Attending the Mixed Barre classes is where you begin your journey.  A journey that has no end - Barre is a lifelong practice. 

The Advanced class, a.k.a. Tru Barre, is for any client willing to try.  We encourage a minimum of 20 Mixed barre classes if you are a beginner.  This will build your strength and endurance and give you a foundation of the technique. Advanced clients have learned how to find their low zone, how to stick their pose, how to stay mentally strong and how to find ways to make the workout meaningful for them. 

A few things that set the Tru Barre class apart from the Mixed class are:

The class moves at a faster pace.  As mentioned, advanced clients know their poses, where they can find their shakes, so there is not a lot of setup time for poses.  The fast paced format also keeps the heart rate up longer.  Another difference is that the intervals are more intense, have more variations, and time under load.  Attempting a Tru class before you build up your strength would result in an unsuccessful workout.  Lastly, the Tru class requires an understanding of poses that can be more difficult and highly technique driven.  The exercises require full body strength, endurance, and stamina.  However, with those differences stated, a client that has attended a number of Mixed barre classes is welcome to attend an Advanced class.  You still are encouraged to take the modifications and work at your own level.  To take breaks and find your own path.  Over time, you will get stronger and the sense of empowerment is incredible!

As a client becomes better at barre, so does their mental ability to stay focused on their alignment and continue to push deeper in the exercises.  The body and mind connection becomes stronger each class.  Remember: the body will always try to find the path of least resistance.  You will begin to understand the connection between how the body reacts to the exercises and how your brain wants to be in control. Learning how to cope with the sensations is truly an advanced mindset in our Barre technique at Tru Barre.  We know this understanding comes with time, patience and practice - but so does a beautiful, sculpted body! 



Commitment & consistency in the new year

Barre Babes,

As 2017 comes to an end, I want to thank all of you, our amazing clients, for your continued support and trust in Tru Barre Studio.  Our Tru Barre community is strong and committed to health.  I love to watch all the positive energy before class with clients chatting and sharing stories.  The energy that pours into the room during our workouts is often times overwhelming, but amazing!  Then ending each class with a sense of pride and accomplishment that sends us out into our day calm, strong, and ready to face whatever comes our way.

I also want to acknowledge how grateful and over-the-top impressed I am by each of my dedicated instructors.  They deliver this awesome workout to you each class.  Their mastery of our technique is obvious.  They show their ability to motivate and encourage each student to be successful. Helping clients find their own path and allowing them to listen to their own body wisdom is our constant focus. They provide a safe, yet effective workout each time they step into the studio. They are excellent fitness instructors and they make me proud every class they teach. 

I hope you reached many of your goals in 2017.  At this time of year we reflect on what was accomplished and what may still need some work. If you have some unfinished business, keep working away at it.  As we know, consistency is key.  Use these first few days of the new year to set some new goals for yourself.  We have a clean slate and a fresh start with the approaching New Year. 365 chances to slay at the barre!

Look for new class formats coming onto the schedule in 2018.  We love how committed you are to your practice.  We recognize that being healthy and fit is so much more than just exercise. In 2018, we want to bring your fitness goals full circle.  We will be offering Foam Roller Release sessions.  Also, a Stretch for Relaxation Express class, to assist with your recovery.  Self-care is such a big part of being healthy. These are just a few ways to love your body even more. 

I am truly blessed to be able to do what I love each day. I am constantly striving to keep the workouts fresh and challenging. I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions, I believe in positive thinking, which equates to long -term lifestyle changes. Focusing on healing your body with food. Heal your soul with whatever your heart desires. Change won’t happen from your comfort zone, but it will take time, patience, and practice.  Remember this is about YOU and about you only. It’s okay to be a little selfish from time to time. 

Cheers to the best, most authentic, healthiest & happiest version of you and all of that #selflove you’re going to find in 2018. 

Happy New Year,




What is Barre?

Barre has origins in dance, but no dance experience needed.  Most barre classes follow the same basic structure:  You’ll start with a warm-up which heats the body and wakes up the brain:  usually knee marches with arm movement.  Then down to the mat for a full set of planks and pushups. Followed by a few yoga stretches and we are back on our feet for a series of arm exercises using light weight or exercise bands.  Continuing at the barre, with a lower-body section to work your thighs and glutes, which are the most challenging sets of the workout.  Finally, you’ll finish the session on the mat with a series of core-focused moves and a relaxing final stretch set.  All exercises come with options to modify.

As for gear, the moves are typically bodyweight only, but you can use light hand held weights (usually two or three pounds) or resistance bands to work your arms.  For lower-body work, a soft exercise ball is often used to help engage leg muscles.  And we do recommend wearing socks with sticky grips on the bottom.

So what’s the difference between barre and a typical strength training class?  Rather than large compound movements (think squats and shoulder press), you’ll perform tiny, one-inch increments called isometric movements.  You will often hear “down an inch, up an inch”, repeated by your instructors.

The isometric contractions that make up the bulk of a barre class occur when the muscle tenses without changing length.  Isometric exercise is a great way to maintain muscle strength.  What’s wonderful about the one-inch movements is that you can hold a posture and benefit from continuously engaging the muscles, but you also get a mini-recovery with each pulse, so can stay in the hold longer.  Isometric movements can help strengthen muscles without straining tendons or ligaments, so there’s less risk of injury compared to more traditional strength training.

Shaking is a sign of muscle fatigue-your muscles are telling you they are feeling it.  You may be tempted to pop out of the work if you start to shake, but try to embrace the shake!  This shaking happens most commonly in thigh work at the barre, as you’re spending an extended period of time in a muscle contraction, while performing an isometric hold to intensify the work.  Shaking is a good thing!

The smaller movements in a barre class can bring a new level of awareness to the body that you don’t get in regular strength workouts.  We focus on the breath and bring the mind to focus on the sensations the body is experiencing.

This kind of functional fitness, creates long-term health benefits, that you will continue to experience as you age.  Aging graceful, with strength and stamina.  Why not give it a try!



Letter From the Barre Boss

Hello Barre Babes! 

As the new season approaches, it is always a good time to evaluate where you are with your goals.  Many of us may have set goals to lose those last 5 or 10 pounds.  Many may have hoped to make fitness a more permanent part of their lifestyle.  Wherever you find yourself today, there are many opportunities to improve or meet those goals in so many ways.
We all know how amazing the results are from a consistent barre practice.  We feel and see the way barre shapes and changes our bodies.  However, it is really common and likely, when new clients are starting their barre practice, that they will actually gain weight.  This is very startling to most, because the whole purpose of exercising is to lose weight in the first place.  I always encourage them to continue their consistent practice.  At around five months of consistent classes, the intramuscular fat will burn away, your muscles will become more compact and elongated, and you will lose inches. You are changing the shape of your body from the inside out.  Your weight may never be what it was when you started because you have changed the composition of your body, from fat to muscle.  So, if you are going through the initial strengthening stage, have faith! A few more months of classes will tighten your muscles, burn away excess intramuscular fat, and give you a new trimmed down shape.
I have also had personal conversations with clients that have been coming for a year or so and are becoming dissatisfied with their body shape and/or their weight.  They express, they don’t feel like they are getting the same results as they did in the beginning.  I always like to dig a little deeper.  One question is, are you still taking the same number of classes each week? You may be surprised to find out, that you may not be getting to class as often as you once were.  We suggest 4-5 times per week.  
Barre is an excellent, results proven exercise regime.  Pairing this awesome workout with a clean diet will bring truly amazing results.  We give you the amazing workout, however, you are in control of what goes in your mouth.
The second factor I like to talk about is, what does your diet look like?  The famous saying: “You can’t out-train a crappy diet” -is very true.  This time of year, and then again after the holidays, is when these conversations take place most often.  Not surprising, we are coming off a great summer of cookouts and fun and soon we will be celebrating at holiday parties  (aka... drinking and over-eating)
So, if you can honestly say that your practice is spot on, your intensity level is high, and you are getting to class often, the real issue is diet. 

The Mayo Clinic, just released research on exercise, they report that, in general, studies “have demonstrated there is no or only modest weight loss with exercise alone”.  As a fitness studio owner that is hard to say out loud.  But, I agree with it.  Tru Barre can give you the best workout, but if you are not fueling and recovering properly, no exercise program in the area can help you.  Studies show that exercise is an important factor in maintaining weight loss and suggest it can help in preventing weight gain.  If weight loss is your goal, eating habits have to change to much lower calorie intake for so many of us. 

Nutrition is what many my clients struggle with the most.  Do you know how to fuel your workout? Do you know what to eat as a recovery meal and when to eat it?  How many meals/snacks do you have?  How much water do you drink in a day?  How much sleep do you get?  How many days a week do you consume alcohol?  Do you know how much sugar you eat in a day?  Do you know how many calories you eat in a meal/day?
The list could go on and on.  This is where the struggle is.  Did you realize – overeating by just 100 calories a day can lead to a weight increase of 10lbs over a year! :( 
Creating true wellness is finding the best exercise program for you and pairing it with a nutrient dense diet.  You have found your exercise -- you have picked the best workout in the city. Exercise is not enough.  Being fit and healthy is more than a number on the scale. So keep working hard in class, get to the studio more days than not, and pay attention to what you put in your mouth.  We have heard all of this before, but if your results are not what you desire, evaluate your diet and your workouts and have a long, hard talk with yourself about how you are managing your fitness. 
Our goal at Tru Barre is to have all our clients feel successful after every workout.  We are here to help you reach all your goals.  Meeting us half way, by doing your part, will put you on the path for success. We hope that you all feel empowered, centered, and calm at the end of class.  So that the next 23 hours you aren’t here at the studio with us, you are staying strong and centered taking all those lessons you learn in your practice and putting them to use in your daily life.
Happy Tucking,