How do I sign up for classes?

From the pricing/schedule page, you can click on the link to reserve classes using our MindBody Online scheduling software. Just create a username (which is your email) and a password of your choice, select a class/package for purchase and you’re all set.  We also offer a free app!  Search Tru Barre Studio in your app store and your all set.  You can manage your schedule from your phone anywhere, anytime.

I want to do the monthly auto-pay. How do I sign up?

In the Retail screen on MindBody Online, click on the “CONTRACTS” tab to sign up for autopay. Please note that there is a 3-month minimum commitment, but the contract is set for one year. After three months, you may cancel without penalty by emailing the studio directly with at least seven (7) days notice.

To all 3 month contract holders:
No need to break your contract.  We offer a 1 time 14 day maximum freeze during your contract period if you NOTIFY US via email ‘hello@tuckburnshake.com’.  A lot of unexpected things can happen in 3 months so just ‘reset’ and get back to class to tuck, burn, shake your way to the BEST YOU ever!

What is the class cancellation policy?

We ask all clients to cancel class at least two (2) hours before the scheduled start time should they be unable to attend. Cancellations must be made online through your MindBody account. We cannot accept cancellations via e-mal or phone. Cancellations made less than two (2) hours before class will be considered late cancels.   

 All late cancels and no-shows will automatically be charged $10.00 for that class for monthly unlimited members and a class will be deducted from all class package holders.  There will be NO exceptions to this policy regardless of the reason for the late cancel or no show.

This policy is intended to keep the classes full and wait lists short. We would like to help everyone get into every class they want, and improve the Tru Barre experience for all clients. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Should I get on the wait list?  Yes, our wait lists move fast.  You will be notified via email when added to a class from the wait list.  Adds will happened automatically until (2) hours before the class is to begin. Therefore, if you no longer wish to take a class, please remove your name from the wait list before the 2 hour cancellation penalty period.  Clients will not be added if the time is less than 2 hours before the class start time.  If you make it into class from the wait list, the same cancellation policy will apply.  We ask that you do not put yourself on the wait list and register for another class that same day.  


What do I need to bring to class?

Socks are required at Tru Barre. You can bring your own pair or we sell “grippy” socks at the studio for $12.00. Wear comfortable workout clothes. Workout pants that reach the knee or longer are suggested. Keeping your legs covered means keeping your muscles warm. Warm muscles are more flexible and less prone to injury.


What should I know about arriving for class?

First-time clients should arrive 15 minutes prior to class for a studio tour and introduction to Barre. We would like to have enough time to meet you, have you fill out some paperwork and show you around. Expect to feel the burning and shaking. Classes are designed to challenge at every level. We offer modifications and challenges for everyone, regardless of experience or ability. Please let your instructor know if you have any injuries or concerns prior to class, and feel free to ask her any questions before or after class.

*The doors are locked at the beginning of class and we cannot allow students to enter the class after it has started. This is for your own safety--without a proper warm-up, you place yourself at risk for injury by jumping into the workout. Please respect the instructor and fellow clients and arrive on time to avoid disrupting class.


How often should I come to Tru Barre Studio to see results?

Every client is different, so there is no set formula for results. Historically, the clients that get to class 3-5 days a week see the most significant results and much quicker. Our method is designed so you can do it every day. And we have many clients that do!


Will Barre help me to lose weight?

If you attend barre 3-5 times a week and maintain a healthy diet, your body will respond accordingly. We focus on strengthening and lengthening the muscles, which burn calories more efficiently than fat.  Increased muscle will ultimately lead to weight loss!


I have no experience with ballet/dance. Can I still come to Tru Barre?

Absolutely. Tru Barre technique is not a program tailored only for dancers. In fact some of our most inspring instructors and clients have zero formal dance experience. The barre and exercises are used to help every woman develop strong, lean muscles. Some dance terminology may be used to set up exercises or cue movements, but these terms will be explained by the instructor. Always feel free to ask the instructor for additional clarification.


I am a new client. What class do you recommend that I start with?

It is recommended that all new clients take the Barre Essentials Workshop.  The Barre Essentials Workshop offers a great introduction to the program. Also, this is a workshop, it is not an actual workout. You will learn the basic moves and terminology that you can expect to see in a Barre class.  We further suggest beginners attend at a minimum 20 Mixed Barre classes until they attempt a Tru Barre Class.  Please call the studio should you need further information.


Can I do Barre if I am pregnant?

Yes, you can. However, please clear it with your doctor and bring a doctor’s note with you to class before beginning any prenatal program. Please inform your instructor prior to class that you are pregnant. We would suggest arriving a little early to discuss modifications with your instructor before class.

tips for a great class

tips for a great class


Come properly fueled and hydrated prior to class. Exercise at your own pace – if the exercise becomes too strenuous, re-set.

Remember… this is your hour to empower yourself and make changes in your body!!

CLASS Etiquette 

Cell phones are not permitted in studio, please store silenced cell phones along with other personal belongings in your cubby


Children are not permitted in workout studio or lobby area during class time.  We do not have child care at this time


Socks are required, grippy socks preferred = traction.  Please put socks on prior to entering studio


Tru Barre Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen personal belongings


No food or drinks other than water is permitted in the workout studio


Please arrive on time, no one will be permitted into a class after the doors are locked and class has begun


Please sign in at the front desk upon arrival


Classes are first come first serve, until maximum class size (20). Please sign up ahead of time to avoid being turned away


Do not arrive at the studio without a reservation


Please inform your instructor of any physical limitations you may have prior to class


No gum allowed in the studio


Proper attire required: long pants, shirt or tank (mid drift covered)


Please avoid leaving class early. If you need to leave early, kindly let the instructor know prior to class.



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