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Sue Costigan

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Sue Costigan // Founder


Sue Costigan is a lifelong resident of Akron. She began her fitness career over 29 years ago. While attending the University of Akron, Sue obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and an Associates Degree in Technical Education. During college, Sue started her part-time fitness career as a group fitness instructor and taught classes at the University and many local fitness facilities. In addition to teaching group classes, she managed the group fitness program for a national fitness facility. Sue also developed and managed a group fitness program for a local Spa and Wellness Center. In addition to instructing a variety of class formats, she has developed, managed and implemented Corporate Fitness/Wellness programs for local businesses. 

To round out her fitness education, Sue holds a certification in Barre from Barre Company. She has a National Certification from the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Her specialized training and accreditations over the years include those in Gorilla Sports- Cardio Kickboxing, Pilates, Boot Camp, Reebok STEP, Reebok SLIDE, Urban Rebounder, PowerFlex and Super Slow High Intensity Strength Training.  

Most recently, she developed and instructed a Barre fitness program for a local fitness facility where she also specialized in one-on-one private High Intensity Strength Training. 

Sue discovered Barre workouts during her rehab for a shoulder surgery. She had some temporary limitations due to the surgery but found Barre to be a very safe but highly effective workout.  Barre gave her the full-body workout she was looking for.  She could focus on her thighs, glutes, abs and postural muscles. The results were incredible!  Barre is extremely effective when done on a consistent basis and can create truly amazing results.  At no point in her fitness career had she experienced such great results so quickly.  

Sue is a mother of two girls, Emma 15 and Audrey 12, who have her love for fitness as well. Swimming, tennis, gymnastics and dance are just a few things keeping them all very active.  

Sue has a passion for fitness.  It is rare to be able to live your passion. Sue and her highly trained team are looking forward to bringing her method of Barre fitness to the Akron area. Whether it’s working with clients one on one or in a group setting, she shows her true love for motivating people to achieve their goals. Her mission is to help her clients understand that by focusing on their health they can transform their body and their life. Sue understands fitness is more than how you look. Sue lives her life to achieve health and balance in both mind and body.