Sue Costigan // Founder


Sue Costigan is a lifelong resident of Akron. She began her fitness career over 35 years ago. While attending the University of Akron, Sue obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and an Associates Degree in Technical Education. During college, Sue started her part-time fitness career as a group fitness instructor and taught classes at the University and many local fitness facilities. In addition to teaching group classes, she managed the group fitness program for a national fitness facility. Sue also developed and managed a group fitness program for a local Spa and Wellness Center. In addition to instructing a variety of class formats, she has developed, managed and implemented Corporate Fitness/Wellness programs for local businesses. 

To round out her fitness education, Sue holds a certification in Barre Fitness from Barre Company. She has a National Fitness Instructor Certification from the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Her specialized training and accreditations over the years include those in Gorilla Sports- Cardio Kickboxing, Pilates, Boot Camp, Reebok STEP, Reebok SLIDE, Urban Rebounder, PowerFlex and Super Slow High Intensity Strength Training.  

Most recently, she developed and instructed a Barre fitness program for a local fitness facility.  She also specialized in one-on-one private High Intensity Strength Training. 

Sue discovered Barre workouts during her rehab for a shoulder surgery. She had some temporary limitations due to the surgery but found Barre to be a very safe but highly effective workout.  Barre gave her the full-body workout she was looking for.  She could focus on her thighs, glutes, abs and postural muscles. The results were incredible!  Barre is extremely effective when done on a consistent basis and can create truly amazing results.  At no point in her fitness career had she experienced such great results so quickly.  

Sue is a mother of two girls, Emma 18 and Audrey 16 who have her love for fitness as well.  

Sue has a passion for fitness.  It is rare to be able to live your passion. Sue and her highly trained team are looking forward to bringing her method of Barre fitness to the Akron area. Whether it’s working with clients one on one or in a group setting, she shows her true love for motivating people to achieve their goals. Her mission is to help her clients understand that by focusing on their health they can transform their body and their life. Sue understands fitness is more than how you look. Sue lives her life to achieve health and balance in both mind and body. 


Sherri Riley // Instructor


Sherri is a lifelong Akron-area resident, currently calling Medina home after earning her Bachelor's degree from the University of Akron. An avid runner and fitness video addict for most of her life, she'd only intermittently taken an organized group exercise class. After multiple stints in PT for lower back pain, chronic fatigue, and muscular issues, she discovered Sue and Tru Barre in 2014 and has yet to experience a setback. She credits Sue's deep focus on correct form & pose, and after 6 months, she permanently shelved her running shoes in favor of the amazing health benefits and visible evidence of the strength and definition that Tru Barre delivers. 

Sherri's dedication to the practice led to the training to become an instructor, which -- while hugely outside her comfort zone!-- has pushed her to work even more diligently to become stronger and to help others find their happy place. That's what she finds the most rewarding - paying it forward and sharing her knowledge and love of Tru Barre. After all, what's better than sweating to great music with your friends?

Outside the studio, Sherri shares her life with her husband and their dogs and cats. A passionate animal advocate, she devotes many weekends to transporting animals from shelters and pounds to safe havens with rescue groups. She's a devoted board member of Spay Neuter Ohio, an all volunteer 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization founded by her sister, whose mission is to reduce the number of free-roaming stray animals and animals euthanized in shelters by providing low-cost spay/neuter throughout Ohio,



Christina Burdiak // Instructor


Christina has lived in the Akron area since 1998 when she moved here to go to the University of Akron to obtain her Bachelors in Nursing and to swim at the collegiate level.

Christina spent most of her childhood in the pool, starting at the age of 4, swimming competitively. She attended Magnificat High School in Rocky River, OH and lettered all 4 years of high school. She then furthered her dreams and walked onto the first women's swim team at the University of Akron, which after a year was given a scholarship. Christina swam all four years of college and hung up her goggles in 2002. She then received her Bachelors in Nursing in 2003. Christina started her nursing career at Akron City in the ER. She then decided to pursue a career as an open heart ICU nurse, which led to her current position as a Flight Nurse. 

Christina has always loved dancing. She started Ukrainian dancing at a young age and fell in love with the beautiful and colorful costumes, difficult footwork, and performing for audiences. Christina, with her enjoyment of physical activity and dance, decided to attend one of Sue's barre classes in 2014, She immediately was hooked. She noticed a change in her strength, physique, and decrease in pain/numbness in her shoulders from years of swimming. After being a client for a year and half, Sue approached Christina to be an instructor and she graciously began her training. Her knowledge of the body anatomically along with her enjoyment of intense workouts helps her to provide clients the ability to engage targeted muscles to get them to "burn and shake". Her favorite part of being a barre instructor is to motivate Tru Barre clients to challenge themselves to new levels they didn't think their body could achieve and they walk out of the class smiling with their accomplishments. 


Karina Barahona // Instructor


Karina was born in Ukraine and moved to Miami, Fl at the age of 7.  After her dad found a job up north, her family moved to Fairlawn/Copley, Oh. She went to Firestone High School for their IB program and after high-school, she went on to get a Bachelor's degree from the University of Akron in Modern Languages and New Media. 

Not very athletic while young, she was on a recreational swim team and joined the volleyball team in high school. In college, she began to take classes similar yoga and HIIT,  and loved the strength it gave her while gaining flexibility. She traveled frequently for study-abroad programs and internships in different countries in which she found herself enjoying the food and beer a little too much.  The results never stuck and wore off soon. After her last trip in 2014, she found Tru Barre studio by chance and decided to give it a shot. Karina became addicted after her first class and made coming to barre a habit. After 3 months, the results showed, the toned muscles started to come through, and even her abs came out to say hi!

After getting to know Sue, an opportunity came up to become a barre instructor. Karina was hesitant, as it was out of her comfort zone, but she accepted the challenge and now loves teaching. The best part about teaching is sharing the energy with her clients & showing them know they can love their body!


Jen Hohman // Instructor


Aside from being away from the area during, and shortly after her education, Jen has been a resident of Medina. She attended Kent State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Integrated Health Studies. She then completed an accelerated nursing program at Tri C in 2007. She worked in critical care for 11 years- throughout school, as well as after becoming a Registered Nurse. She then transitioned into a job that was more in line with the needs of her family, working as a Registered Nurse at an endoscopy center.

When she is not working as a nurse or instructing barre classes, she is busy with her family. Jen enjoys life with her husband, & two sons, Nick (7) and Ben (4).  Activities with her boys include Cub Scouts & soccer, as well as periodically volunteering at their school which always keeps her on the move!

She enjoys many outdoor activities including gardening, biking, hiking, swimming, water & snow skiing (and a few more J). After working many years on night shift, and having her children, Jen felt weak, low on energy, and out of shape. She tried many other classes, attempted to make good intentions to pull herself out of her rut. It was not until she found Tru Barre that she was making a purposeful change from the work that she put into it, which catapulted her to improve health habits overall. She gives credit to barre helping her to increase her strength and flexibility, leading her to be able to enjoy all of these activities even more!

After her dedication to a consistent barre practice, she found herself taking challenge options, further improving her technique. Sue approached Jen shortly after to join the team to become an instructor. When taking her classes you will find her motivating and encouraging you to take challenges, and realize your potential!


Anika Kent // Instructor


Anika was born and raised in Akron, OH and lived in both Argentina and Spain with her family during her childhood. Anika graduated from Firestone High School in 2008 and then moved to Los Angeles, CA. She stayed in Los Angeles for 7 years, during which time she attended Santa Monica College, and then, The University of California, Los Angeles, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology.

Anika played soccer growing up, and ran cross country and track in high school. She grew up dancing salsa with her mom in the kitchen at night, and her love of dance and movement stayed with her. She began practicing yoga at home during high school, and started taking yoga classes once she moved to L.A. She also began to take dance classes at her college at this time, filling up her electives with everything from Modern dance to African dance. 

After moving back to Akron in late 2015, Anika was looking for a group exercise class that would help her maintain her strength and flexibility. She found Tru Barre, and found that barre classes did just that, and more—giving her an hour of her day to focus and center herself. She began to coming to class often, and was approached with an opportunity to become an instructor. After 6 months of training with Sue, Anika was confidently teaching barre. Her favorite part of teaching is seeing clients progress in their practice and become stronger!

Outside of the studio, you can find Anika being creative— making art, playing music, or dancing in her living room. 


Julianne Zatezalo // Instructor

Julianne was born and raised in Medina, OH where she graduated from Medina Senior High School and Medina County Career Center studying Sports Medicine and Exercise Science. After high school she moved to Akron to attend the University of Akron where she is working on a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing.

Julianne grew up in gymnastics and dancing, spending most of her time dancing at the Medina Centre for Dance Art where she performed until graduation from high school. Her passion allowed her to move even further into a short professional dance career. While she was very passionate about dance, once she no longer performed she found it difficult to find an exercise program that not only helped her stay motivated and maintained her dancer physique, but was also high intensity and exciting.

Once she moved to Akron she found Tru Barre Studio and decided to give it a shot. Julianne loved the upbeat, time effective workouts and began attending classes regularly. After a few months she was given the opportunity to begin training to be an instructor. She was excited for the opportunity to work with the highly professional staff and channel the determination and intensity that had taken her so far in dance into teaching others. Julianne enjoys teaching clients of all levels and helping them find their own motivation and intensity through enjoyable fast paced work-outs, pushing every client to their limit!


Katherine Walker // Instructor

Katherine grew up in the Akron area and received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from The University of Akron. She currently works as an HR rep for a nearby company.

From a young age, she was an avid runner and has always enjoyed trying different forms of exercise. After years of running and HIIT in college, she started looking for something that would be easier on her body. She heard about Tru Barre through a friend, and immediately fell in love with the challenging yet calming workouts. When the opportunity to become an instructor came up, she knew she had to share her passion for barre with others through teaching.

Outside of the studio, she enjoys reading, playing music, and hiking the CVNP with her husband Alan and dog-child, River.


Cindi Horkey // Instructor


Cindi grew up in Medina, OH, moving to Pittsburgh, PA to embark on her first career as a flight attendant for USAIR.  Cindi followed up her first career with north east Ohio sales and management roles that brought her “home” to Medina.

Physical fitness and nutrition have been lifelong passions for Cindi. She has extensively learned and enjoyed many different forms of exercise and outdoor activities including kickboxing, circuit training, yoga, running and many different group fitness classes but after a few injuries and time spent in PT, she was looking for a low impact solution. She heard about Tru Barre Studio which was new to Medina and after taking her first class and meeting with Sue Costigan, she was immediately hooked! An opportunity shortly thereafter came up to become a barre instructor which was perfect since Cindi was thinking of taking classes to be a physical fitness instructor. She completed her barre training in July 2017 and has been thrilled to join the Tru Barre team. Her favorite part of teaching is helping people with fitness and health along with the added bonus of getting to tell people what to do! 

Outside the studio, Cindi enjoys reading, biking (both outdoor and indoor spinning), hiking and golfing with her husband Jim. They have two cats, Scout and Archie (he’s a big one – 20 lbs!)